GCal 0.3.5

Google Calendar in your pocket


  • Send events via SMS
  • Google Maps integration
  • Calendar filtering


  • Fiddly user interface


If you're a Google Calendar user then you'll know just how effective the application can be for organizing your life. But what happens if you want to use the program while you're out and about? One option is to install GCal on your Java-enabled phone.

GCal is designed to provide a simple way of checking and editing your Google Calendar while you're on the go. Provided you have already set up a Google Calendar account the program will automatically log you into your agenda when you provide your username and password.

Once logged in, GCal will display the entries for the current day. Simply click on an event to open up details of that entry, such as the time, place (which you can quickly view in Google Maps), description and guests. From here you can perform a number of actions, such as duplicating, saving it locally, adding comments, or even sending it via SMS.

To flick between different dates in GCal you just use the left and right directional buttons on your phone. This is good for checking upcoming events, but because there is no monthly calendar view, checking appointments in the distant future is rather cumbersome.

Despite being tricky to navigate, GCal is a pretty powerful tool and comes with a whole host of features, including calendar filtering, event creation, and alternative softkeys.

If you can learn to live with the rather clunky interface you should find GCal to be a very useful tool for keeping you on time at all times.



GCal 0.3.5

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